Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac

1.75L Bottle

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    40% Alcohol

    Discover the world's first and finest VSOP Cognac - Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac. Repeating the unrepeatable. There's only one thing that is more important to Hennessy than perfection-consistent perfection. Despite constantly changing elements, Hennessy VSOP has earned its reputation by recreating the same taste year after year, bottle after bottle. It is this process of repeating the unrepeatable that defines mastery. The world's first, and favorite VSOP Cognac blends a variety of Eau-de-vie to achieve perfect harmony - a testament to the enduring expertise of the Hennessy Master Blenders. A natural balance of strength and smoothness with a long-lasting finish. The balance and complexity of Hennessy VSOP Privilege makes it ideal for drink recipes that highlight the quality of the spirit, especially in classic Cognac cocktails.