Tosti Asti Dolce

750ml Bottle

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    Tosti S.p.A
    7% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Tosti Asti Dolce is a highly aromatic Sparkling Wine with fresh fruit aromas of pears and violets leading to sweet fruit flavors of strawberry and apricot finishing, well balanced with crisp acidity.

    This Tosti Asti Wine has a pale straw yellow color with bright reflections. It has a fresh, aromatic bouquet with elegant fruity notes. The taste is sweet, soft, perfectly balanced, deliciously fruity and harmonious with light fruity notes.

    It is ideal for socializing and toasts or accompanying desserts, fruit, fragrant pastries, and ice cream. It has bottled at 7% alcohol by volume and best to serve at 6° - 8° C. Enjoy!