Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

750ml Bottle

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    Willett Distillery
    47% Alcohol
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Willett Pot Still Reserve Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was introduced in 2008 and is a hand-selected, limited Kentucky straight Bourbon, aged 8-10 years. Its unique shape and design are meant to resemble the pot still that was used for generations at the Willett Distilling Company.

    Soft and elegant on the nose, this bourbon has slight notes of vanilla, coconut, and cinnamon. The nose is delicate and refined, and the palate is quite graceful. It has an aroma of brown sugar, molasses, and caramel with balanced flavors of creaminess, spiciness, and floral. The finish has mint, spice, and earthy wood character.

    Each bottle has sealed with a label identifying the individual aging barrel, the number of the bottle within the series of bottles for that barrel, and the total number of bottles from the barrel. It is a smooth drinking whiskey bottled at 47% alcohol by volume. Enjoy!